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About Us

Systeng® Automation Systems ("Systeng"), a division of Hilley Machine Services, LLC., is a major supplier of automation equipment to the broiler and turkey industries worldwide.

The company's market position has been accomplished through equipment development, acquisitions and strategic alliance, which broaden the company's line of automation products.

Systeng®'s management has been involved in the poultry industry since 1970 and has established a reputation for supplying high quality products. These products have already brought consistency and labor savings to hatcheries supplying over 80% of commercial broiler chicks.

Precision Automation® Co. entered the poultry industry in the 1970's when it manufactured a whole broiler cut-up machine to enable the processing plants to efficiently supply the fast-food industry. It became involved in hatchery production in 1991 when it first manufactured Inovoject® machines for Embrex, Inc. Precision Automation® Co. Inc. created the Systeng® division in 1992 and began to develop, manufacture and market the Systeng® line of hatchery automation equipment. The company continued to expand its product line in the mid-90's by developing additional machines for poultry automation. To give it a full line of automation products, Systeng® entered into a strategic alliance with Breuil S.A. of France at the end of 1998. In 2007, Hilley Machine Services assumed control of Systeng. Today the product line includes:

  • Egg Candling System
  • Egg Transfer Machines
  • Hatcher Tray Destackers and Restackers
  • Chick/Egg Shell Separators
  • Tray, Trolley, Dolly and Chick Box Washers
  • Waste Removal Systems
  • Powered and Gravity Conveyors
  • Carrousels and Inline Sexing Systems
  • Chick Box Destackers and Restackers
  • Paper Laying Machines
  • Automatic Chick Counters
  • Dynamic Box Storage Systems