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Automatic Chick Counting
System & Boxing
Type CPTX-2


Automatic Chick Counting System & Boxing Type CPTX-2

The automatic Chick Counting & Boxing System from Systeng® from is designed to count and box chick into 1, 2 or 4 compartment boxes.

CAPACITY: 60,000 chicks / hour






  • All machines are quipped with PLC display
  • Unit integrating simple management control functions:
    - Automatic chick assessment
    - Vision detecting kit for counting chicks:
    Completely dust & damp proofed IP65
    - Automatic flock control with number of flocks / day; flock ID; number of counts per box; number of chicks in last box
  • The machines are built to incorporate all hygienic aspects for clean down and maintenance with lift off protective covers
  • Built in stainless steel 304
  • Electrical requirements:
    20 amps; 208V; 60 Hz ( 3 kw )
  • Compressed air requirements:
    3 phase 80 psi @ 2 cfm
  • Electrical panel IP65



  • Simple and easy to use, the machines have an accuracy of 1-2 chicks per 1000
  • Robust, simple design
  • Adaptable to 99% of hatchery setups
  • Adaptable to 99% of box types
Conveying system in parallel of T presentation Spray cabinet for IB connected to counter Boxing conveyors of differing presentations Kit for CPTX count head adapted to original Systeng® counters



Only the highest quality materials and workmanship are used
in the construction of SYSTENG® products. All parts carry a
1 year warranty against manufacturer's defects.

NOTICE: It is our commitment to constantly incorporate technical
improvements into our products. In view of these developments,
we reserve the right to alter these specifications without notice.