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Dolly Washer
Type CH30


Dolly Washer Type CH30

The machine is built in stainless steel and placed on a cement tank. It is designed to wash most types of dollies and is equipped with a dolly infeed conveyor.



  • The modular manufacturing process en-ables Systeng® to adapt its washing machine to each specific need
  • They are designed to meet the specific re-quirements of the American sanitary and hygiene standards
  • All elements are built in stainless steel 304 and / or 304 L unless otherwise stated
  • Machines are easily accessible for cleaning and servicing
  • Motors are covered and damp-proof IP55
  • Minimal energy consumption
  • Control board in PVC with emergency stop
  • 1 Motor pump group-medium pressure - 15HP
  • Fixed spraying ramps, valves, filtering system, nozzles
  • Float to regulate the water levels
  • PVC divided curtain at the infeed and the outfeed of the machine to avoid water projection
  • 1 Tank for water recuperation
  • 1 Electrical board



  • Thorough washing process
  • Recycled water
  • Robust build, and low profile
  • Maintainance friendly
  • KS: Heating of water by water circulation through copper coil
  • KD: Disinfecting ramp with dosing pump for disinfectant



Only the highest quality materials and workmanship are used
in the construction of SYSTENG® products. All parts carry a
1 year warranty against manufacturer's defects.

NOTICE: It is our commitment to constantly incorporate technical
improvements into our products. In view of these developements,
we reserve the right to alter these specifacations without notice.