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Automatic Hatcher Tray
Restacker / Destacker
Type EB 3


Automatic Hatcher Tray Restacker / Destacker Type EB 3

The machine is designed to suit most type of trays. The very simple design makes the machie carefree and able to obtain a high capacity in a function that once automated, elimates employee back problems and tedious lifting operations. The machine is designed principally to be installed at the outfeed of an Industrial Tray Washer.




  • Automated interface with an outfeed conveyor on the washer
  • Conveyor with stops for carrying trays into stacker
  • Outfeed conveyor for tray conveying to loading station where trays are placed manually onto a dolly
  • Machine is equipped with lateral guides and stainless steel protective covers
  • Capacity: 900 trays / hours
  • Built in stainless steel
  • Electrical control panel Nema 3 (IP65)
  • PLC integrated in panel
  • Protective guarding incorporated in machine
  • Electrical power: 208/3/60; 20 amp
  • Compressed air: 80 psi @ 5 cfm



  • Very simple, compact design
  • User friendly, very little maintenance
  • Machines not limited by height or width of stacks
  • Total security; protection by lateral guards
  • High Capacity
Automatic system to place stacks back onto dollies / trollies
Extra conveying lengths
Automatic tray tipping device at outfeed washer


The trays are fed into the machine by means of a specific conveyor. The gripping mechanism seizes the trays already stack and lifts them. The tray is then conveyed to the bottom of the pile and then lifted with the rest of the stack when the next tray arrives. When the stack is completed, the stack is evacuated by conveyor. The height and weight of stacks can reach up to 308 pounds.



Only the highest quality materials and workmanship are used
in the construction of SYSTENG® products. All parts carry a
1 year warranty against manufacturer's defects.

NOTICE: It is our commitment to constantly incorporate technical
improvements into our products. In view of these developements,
we reserve the right to alter these specifacations without notice.